Types of Razors – Which One Is Suitable for You?

Whatever kind of man you are, whether you have a full-grown beard or are shaven clean, you know how important it is to have a good razor.

There are a variety of razors to choose from, from cartridge shavers to electric shavers.

It’s great that there are so many options, but it can also be confusing when it comes to buying razors.

What razor should you use? Most men try random cuts and trials until they get the right one. That’s what we’re here to do today.

We’ve compiled a definitive guide on how to choose the right razor!

5 Different Types of Razors to Have A Smooth Shave

There are numerous types of razors that you can use to maintain a beard look. When choosing the right razor, you can enhance the appearance of the face. Conversely, picking the wrong razor can make you look ugly. To look good in bearded and non-bearded look, it is necessary to select the right tools for grooming or shaving.

5 Different Types of Razors to Have A Smooth Shave

5 Different Types of Razors to Have A Smooth Shave

Many kinds of razors are available in the marketplaces, and not all of them can be used by everyone. Additionally, each razor has its own purpose and was made to perform a specific function. Here we discussed the different kinds of razors.

1. Disposable Razors

Do you know what company makes your pens, and I wonder if they also make razors? It isn’t uncommon for disposable razors to be manufactured at the same facilities that manufacture your niece’s school supplies, but typically that’s just what gets handed out when you buy them.

This type of razor head is not replaceable and is intended to be used once only. There’s not much more to say, is there? If you forgot to pack your razor when you left it at home or if you have stayed at someone’s place and need a quick shave before going to work, then they are an excellent choice. Regardless of the razor type, you can expect a lot from them other than for them to help remove the five-o’clock shadow, now a full-blown form of stubble.

You can discard these types after a single or two uses as their name implies. These are very inexpensive and a great resource in cases of emergency. The quality of the blades, however, is somewhat low since they are so inexpensive. While it might not give you a smooth shave, it doesn’t appear to be the best choice.

One or two shaves with these razors and they will be discarded. A shaving brush head is permanently attached to the plastic handle.


A disposable razor costs between ten and twenty cents and is sold in packs of ten or twenty.

Ideal for camping and travel, they are a great emergency solution when trouble arises. A disposable razor is a convenient way to carry less stuff when traveling.


The lighter weight of the razors, however, means they have a more uncomfortable grip. It causes greater discomfort since getting the right amount of pressure to shave becomes harder.

It is made from flimsy steel, which leaves the blades blunt after a few shaves. Razors of this quality are substandard. A man’s face gets uneven shaves and gets ingrown hairs from the inflexible razor head and poor quality blades.

2. Electric Razors

Men that seek a quick and effective shave choose these types of razors. An entire article could not possibly cover all the options, features, gadgets, and styles out there. With laser-guided, glow-in-the-dark, and oil-secreting cartridges all the way to liners and laser-guided shaving cruise control; a razor can be anything you want it to be.

A popular choice for frequent travelers, especially those on the go. Over the past few decades, electric razors have improved dramatically in design and function.

If you are generally the type of gentleman who removes ALL of his facial hair, you should use this razor. The fast and effective method of eliminating facial hair is only possible if this is done every day. Men, particularly those that may share bathrooms with other people or a number of small children, will find that most of these don’t even require lather.


One of the advantages of electric razors is you can use them on the go, even in your car before you have a routine inspection by the Marine Corps

With an electric razor, you don’t need shaving cream and you don’t need to have a bathroom sink to use it – although generally water and sinks are preferred.


A double edge razor tends to give a closer shave than an electric model. However, many men complain that using an electric razor leads to irritation of the skin.

3. Cartridge Razors

The Hydro, quadra dragon fire blades, with their 100 close shave blades, does not hurt. Yes, you know these well. Those stupid plastic cases with the 50 or 55 face blades in them are in Walgreens behind those stupid black plastic cases where you have to request the attendant to open the case, just so you can choose between them.

Cartridge razors are often seen as an essential part of men’s shaving kits. They are available in a wide range of blade counts. They even come with soothing aloe strips to protect your skin from irritation.

One of its features is that its base is usually made of plastic, so it isn’t disposed of. Each package of heads can be found for $5-20 and may be disposed of according to your preferences. This makes them very convenient for traveling business travelers, making them the most popular type of razor.

A typical cartridge shaving razor is the Gillette Mach 3. It is easy to use and can be used against or with the grain of hair follicles.

Plastic or metal cartridge razors feature a flexible handle and replaceable cartridges containing six stainless steel blades to follow the shape of the face.


Cartridges are changed as needed. Each cartridge provides three to four shaves.

In addition to being safe to use, they take only ten minutes to do a good shave.


The price of these shaving systems keeps increasing. The replacement cartridges cost approximately $1 per shave – $350 a year.

The blade gets stuck in the hair follicles as it goes through the beard, so it takes multiple passes to shave cross-sections of stubble, leading to irritation and ingrown hairs.

In the long run, disposable razors cost more than safety razors, since they are more environmental and more wasteful than safety razors.

Men have not been convinced by years of slick advertising emphasizing the benefits of a multi-blade cartridge over other razors.

4. Safety Razor

We’re going back to the basics. Your grandfather and father probably used safety razors for his daily shave.

Because of a mild contact between a single razor blade and the skin, a safety razor is unable to cut into the skin. Thus the name safety razor. These razors consist of two sharp, stainless steel edges and a fixed handle.

It would be beneficial for most men to learn how to shave with these types of razors. The safety razor uses a single blade that is securely enclosed within a tough metal body. With a safety razor, you can expect a close shave comparable to any six-blade cartridge razor that you can find in the market. This blade is unfortunately too sharp and too difficult to use for most people.

They’re very inexpensive and come in a wide variety of metal colors. During this process, most people cut themselves because of the learning curve involved in the angle at which they should shave. You will experience an amazing shave if you are proficient in shaving.


You can replace these blades once a week, depending on how often you use them.

Generally, the cost of a safety razor is between $25 and $150. The cost of double-edge razor blades is between $.09 and $.70. Annually, that’s around $36 just for blades. Check your razor well before you buy it.

Due to the light pressure required, men feel that they suffer from little shaving irritation, rash and ingrown hairs with double-edge razor blades.


Investing in a safety razor isn’t cheap. You have to practice for hours before it becomes well suited to your needs. Also, it’s good to pay attention to avoid nicks and small cuts.

5. Straight Razors 

You will encounter only one type of razor in your lifetime, and that is the electric razor. Almost every barbershop uses a straight razor, and many villains in movies use them. This razor can also be seen in just about every old-time movie. The Matrix twins with the weird albino backgrounds come to mind. Straight razors are exactly what they sound like. Basically, it’s a sharpened piece of metal.

The straight razor or cutthroat razor consists of a sharp blade folded into a handle.

Hardened steel is used to manufacture the blade. Wood, metal, bone, horn, or plastic is commonly found as the handle of a shaving razor.

Often, the handle and the blade are engraved to suit the user’s preferences.

Personally, I believe that a straight razor is a good professional tool. A delicate cut that does not leave your skin exposed is more difficult to attain as an individual user. Even I can see why having a straight blade around your bathroom when your guests go through your cabinets is cool (Don’t act like you don’t notice!

You don’t need to buy blades with a straight razor; if you resharpen them using a leather strap or stone, then you’re ready to shave.


You get the closest shave with the blade’s sharp edges.

Sharp metal edges required regular stropping and honing in order to make them last forever.

A straight razor costs between $40 and $200. The machine’s blade can be sharpened, so it does not require to be replaced.

You can shave your face most economically by using a straight razor.


A straight razor can easily cause a serious injury by cutting your skin deeply, even if you are super careful.

The process of shaving with a straight razor requires skill, practice, time, and maintenance.


Let us conclude this guide by discussing the types of razors and helping you decide which one is right for your skin. There are many pros and cons to each type. Consider these points and select the perfect razor according to your skin type.