Should a man shave his legs? – Find out the pros and cons!

Your mind is on whether you should shave your legs like so many men.

There is no one solution that works for everyone.

Most athletes, including bikers and swimmers, shave their legs for performance and comfort.

In addition, many bodybuilders shave their legs in order to achieve the appearance of a large, defined muscular development and an enhanced definition.

Although shaving one’s legs should be made carefully for the average man, the decision should be made responsibly.

Several factors should be considered before deciding whether to shave your legs:

1. The majority of women thought it strange for men to shave their legs.

I have spoken with several women personally about the subject as well as researched online using women’s forums and blogs and they all seem to agree that women prefer smoother legs than a man’s. The men with shaved legs are not the only ones in the world who like the look and feel of them. Ask you’re significant other for their preferences, so you may do as they do as well.

2. Maintenance of Significant Importance.

You have to keep your legs healthy and looking good once you’ve begun shaving. Regardless of whether women prefer shaved legs or not, they can all agree that the little prickly hairs that form during the initial regrowth are uncomfortable and do not look very appealing. It is therefore important to remain consistent with your hair removal method, regardless of whether or not you decide to shave, wax, or use other hair removal methods.

3. Choose the best method for removing leg hair for you.

Use a razor to shave

With a razor, removing hair is one of the easiest and least painful methods. But the maintenance is a bit more time-consuming since one must shave every few days to maintain smooth, hair-free legs. In order to use this method, you must consider whether you are going to use an electric razor, a traditional cartridge razor, or some sort of double edge razor. Despite the fact that it is easy to use, the electric razor does provide the closest shave. (Check out our review on best body hair trimmers here). You can get an exceptionally close shave with a cartridge razor, and I would suggest the Fusion or the Mach 3 for beginners or anyone looking for an affordable disposable razor. The double edge razor provides a more effective shave, while the cartridge razor replacements are more expensive than the double edge. With a razor, you need to be more experienced so you don’t get many nicks and cuts. You should check out my best safety razor article if you are thinking about using one so you can get the right one for your budget.


While this is a very painful procedure, there are professionals who can help reduce the pain. It is recommended that you not attempt this procedure at home if you do choose to choose the waxing option. Waxing a half leg will cost between $35 -$45 and take about 30 minutes and a whole leg will cost between $60 -$70, taking about 45 minutes. Though it requires some effort, as you also have to consider the time it takes to drive to and from the salon, you only need to perform this procedure every two weeks to once a month since the waxing causes the hair to take much longer to regrow.

Nair, bikini, and other dipilatory products

These products are much cheaper than waxing, especially since they cost between $4 – $12 each. This method is pain-free (definitely less so than waxing)! After a few days, your hair will grow back so regular maintenance will be necessary, but the process only takes several minutes. See the complete guide on the best hair removal products out there for men, including depilatories, at the best hair removal for men article.

Laser treatment

It is a viable option, but it is an expensive procedure, which you are probably already aware of. The average cost of treatment for a full head of hair is $235 and multiple treatments are required for significant hair reduction. If you are considering this method, you should do your research beforehand.

4. Legs with extreme hairiness should receive an exception.

A general rule of thumb is that women don’t mind hair on men’s legs as long as it is not exceptionally long or hairy. If you have exceptionally dark, thick, hairy legs, you may definitely need to take action. If you fall into this category, be sure to invest in an electric beard trimmer to keep it under control. It’s not a deal-breaker for most women, but they won’t like it anyway.

5. An alternative option is to trim the leg hair.

For those men with extremely hairy legs but who do not want to go to the extreme of shaving and maintaining their leg hair, they may consider trimming the hair to an inconspicuous length and thickness. You’ll need clippers for this. Simply attach a longer comb to your trimmer and run it back and forth across your legs against the grain. I have found that trimming the hair to around half an inch sufficiently thins the hair for a respectable appearance without leaving it too short that it feels rough. This process takes a couple of minutes to perform and is necessary only every few weeks for most cases. Due to the lack of judgment from women and the low maintenance requirements, many men have found that this is a great alternative to clean-shaven legs. To get started, check out this guide to the best body hair trimmers.


Answering the question, “should guys shave their legs?” is not so straightforward. I hope this article was helpful in outlining your options, exceptions, and considerations when deciding whether or not to shave your legs.