A Scruffy Beard – What It Is And How To Style It

A scruffy beard lets you display a truly manly look to the world and show off your rugged, unshaven look.

It’s fun to do scruffy facial hair for so many men and it’s a great way to style your facial hair if you like the slightly untidy look – we know the ladies love this look too.

For many men, scruffy beards are the perfect way to show their personality and express themselves through their facial hair that they can do with their clothing and other features of their appearance.

Even though a scruffy beard may seem unruly, it is nothing but a trend-setter. If you allow the beard to grow, you can pull off this bold look.

To achieve the scruffy look, you allow your facial hair to grow so that it surrounds your face. Despite its unkempt appearance, it is stylish nonetheless. This condition usually corresponds with scruffy hair, giving you the appearance of an overly rough man.

What Is Scruffy Beard?

Having scruffy facial hair is great for anyone in search of a beard style that will make him look tough, rough, and attractive. It gives off an unkempt, rugged appearance that looks great on men.

What Is Scruffy Beard

What Is Scruffy Beard

The style of this beard can be adapted to suit nearly any man seeking to achieve this appearance.

It is common to find people sporting scruffy beards in daily life as you walk around and see them in many places.

Scruffy facial hair is ideal for people who want to elevate their wild and unshaven look.

Apart from being a fashion statement, this beard is also popular among those who want to grow a stylish beard but face difficulties growing full, luxurious facial hair or have patchy beard growth.

For those of you who fall into this category, a scruffy beard could be just what you need to complete your perfect look.

Benefits of Scruffy Beard

A beard is a symbol of manliness, regardless of how unkempt it appears. One of the boldest style choices, but a very stylish one, is a scruffy beard.

Keeping a scruffy beard has many benefits that you should be aware of if you are hesitant about growing one.

Benefits of Scruffy Beard

Benefits of Scruffy Beard

You Get a Manly Look

Growing a beard is seen as an indication of masculinity, and men who can grow a full beard seem to be much more confident.

If that is the look you desire, a scruffy beard can make you look even more manly and tough.

Because the beard looks unkempt, the man appears tough and aggressive, something that many women are attracted to.

Maintenance is minimal

Since you cannot achieve the scruffy look if you keep on trimming it every day another week, the scruffy beard requires less maintenance than other beard styles requiring frequent barbershop visits to maintain its shape.

Scruffy beards are relatively simple and inexpensive to maintain, except when grooming products are used.


Men would be willing to wear a scruffy beard because it’s a stylish look. Very few people can pull off such a bold move since it involves growing a full or thick beard.

After learning the scruffy ways, you may never want to return to more neatly trimmed beards.

Scruffy Beards: How to Grow Them

Step 1 – Let it grow.

Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you need to let the stubble grow for about two weeks before shaving.

Step 2 – Get to the desired length

It will take several weeks for your stubble to grow back after shaving your beard every couple of days. Generally, a good scruffy beard is about a quarter-inch to a half-inch long.

Step 3 – Trim it

If you have achieved the desired beard length depending on how fast the beard grows, now is the time to trim the scruff.

A Guide to Trimming a Scruffy Beard

Step 1 – Use the highest setting on your trimmer

to trim your scruffy beard. A trimmer adjusted to the highest setting typically works well.

Step 2 – Start with the neckline

Trim your beard from the neck upwards, making sure that you follow the shape of your beard and do not overdo it.

Step 3 – Apply a layer of tape over

This is the last place where you trimmed the length so that it is consistent. By trimming further up your face, you can achieve an even look.

Once you have finished trimming the hair on your head, you can move on to your neck. If you want a scruffy look, begin the beard at the chin instead of as it moves down the neck.

If you have a scruffy beard, be very careful when trimming the area around the mustache. You don’t want the mustache to hang too low.

Although the cheeks and the necklines do not have to be perfect, it’s best to follow the shape of the beard for the best appearance.

The Best Way to Style a Scruffy Beard

Step 1 – Prepare the right tools

First things first, you are going to be able to create the perfect beard if you have all the right tools at your disposal.

If you would like to use beard care products during the styling process, such as beard oil or balm, you only need two items, clippers and a comb.

Step 2 – Adjust the clippers

Make sure the clippers are fully adjusted to the highest setting to avoid trimming too much off and making your beard shorter than you wanted.

Step 3 – Start from the neck upwards

Trim starting at the base of your neck and working your way up toward your chin. Remember to always overlap the last part of the beard that has been trimmed to ensure consistency.

To make the most of your scruffy beard style, keep your neck clean to ensure that it looks rugged and manly, so everyone you meet will absolutely love the look.

The Art of Maintaining a Scruffy Beard

Step 1 – Know your scruff

There is one good thing about scruffy beards – they require very little maintenance. Your scruffy beard type may determine whether this is true for you.

To maintain an even appearance, you may need to maintain your light scruffy stubble every day.

Step 2 – Combing the beard

Ever since you started growing a beard, it is important to comb it every day at the very least to give it a polished appearance, and also to assist in stimulating the follicles to release natural oils.

Step 3 – Washing the beard

Make sure that the shampoo you choose will not dry out your beard’s natural oils, and wash it at least twice a week to avoid it drying out.

Step 4 – Apply beard oil

Regularly using beard oil or gel will nourish your beard and make it look glossy, especially when you are going to a formal meeting.