how to braid a beard?

The way you wear your beard can be a strong statement about your personal and professional style. While it may seem like this simple facial hair style is reserved for lumberjacks and mountain men, we guarantee there’s a myriad of different ways to braid a beard.

For example, the French Braid: This look has been seen on some of Hollywood’s leading men such as Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake. And while the braided beard trend might have originated in France, it is actually very common among soldiers from countries such as Germany and Italy—and they’re known for causing quite a stir with their interesting grooming styles!

If you want to get started braiding your beard but don’t know how to begin, follow these simple tips for braiding your beard.

how to braid a beard

First, make sure your beard is properly conditioned. Start at the neckline to avoid tangling and simply separate the mass of facial hair into three sections, down the middle through the chin. Then find the “anchor point” where you’d like to begin braiding—this can be anywhere along the jaw line. Pro tip: This is a good place to braid from if you’re looking for an added level of control when applying beard oil or balm throughout your daily routine.

Now that you have secured your starting point, take one section on each side of your face and secure it around their respective index fingers so that both are facing towards you. Now here’s where things get tricky!

Take the section from your left hand and bring it under your right hand’s section. Then you’ll take the piece that was in your right hand and bring it over the top of both sections, creating a loop around your index finger—and presto! You’re doing the French braid.

And there you have it…the first step to getting those luscious locks going on on your face, too! Now all you have to do is remember this “over one, under one” pattern as you continue braiding down towards your beardline. We recommend stopping at about an inch above where a traditional beard trim would begin for a clean look that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can always go back later and add more hair if you want.

After you’ve braided your entire beard, secure it with a clear elastic to maintain the pattern throughout the day. And now that you have your way cool new ‘do, why not stop by Jack Threads to stock up on some awesome new clothes for your fresh look? We have all the gear you need regardless of your style or budget! See ya’ around xoxo.