How Can I Remove My Beard Permanently?

Would you like to know how to remove your beard permanently? If so, you are not alone. Recent trends suggest that more and more men are removing their beards permanently. Almost 20% of customers at Satori Laser Center in New York City are men seeking to permanently remove facial hair. How can I get rid of my beard permanently?

Permanently removing your beard is relatively straightforward. You have a number of options, such as home remedies and treatments offered by specific centers. One of the most effective treatments is laser treatment, though this usually requires more than one procedure and needs to be repeated a minimum of once a year.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal: Here’s What You Need to Know

Laser and electrolysis are the main options, with electrolysis being the most popular. You should know these ten things in advance if laser hair removal or electrolysis is something you want to do.

1. You are not the only one considering it.

People who get impatient with ingrown hairs and razor burn are looking to get rid of them for good. The receptionist at Satori Laser Center’s New York City location, Rachel Qin, estimates that one in five customers are male.

2. Don’t think of removal. Think of reduction.

When it comes to hair removal on the face, laser hair removal thins your beard about 70-85%. Electrolysis, on the other hand, eliminates every hair on the body, but it is much more painful, expensive, and time-consuming.

3. It’s perfect for shaping your facial hair.

You can also use laser removal to thin up those hairs you have been removing for a while. Laser hair removal is great for removing stragglers on your neck, top of your cheeks, and beards.

4. If you are an ideal candidate.

“If you have light brown or light red hair, we recommend electrolysis,” says Qin. Laser removal finds your hair by targeting high-contrast spots of pigment, resulting in your results being the best.

5. The cost of an entire laser treatment course is approximately $5000.

Certainly, that is a lot more than shaves, but what advantage does it provide to sleep later every morning?

6. Nothing worthwhile comes without pain.

The laser is designed to destroy hair follicles, not to soothe the skin. The treatment itself feels like a couple of rubber bands snapping on your skin: uncomfortable, but brief.

7. You won’t need to take a sick day.

The laser sessions take between 15-30 minutes, so you’ll only leave with the slight redness of a sunburn afterward.

8. Results take time to show.

Electrolysis can take up to 400 hours over four years for a full-face treatment, while laser can take as few as six hours over the course of a year. It makes sense why most people will choose laser over electrolysis.

9. Some treatments may not be permanent.

After your initial sessions, laser hair removal may require once-a-year treatment to maintain your new look. “As long as the body has a metabolic process, hair is likely to grow back,” says Qin.

10. The guys who have it love it.

One laser patient writes: “I am extremely happy with the results…everyone walks out with a smile on their face.” A patient who had electrolysis believes it was “expensive, painful, and worth it every penny.”

How to Remove Your Beard Permanently?

There are a couple of methods that will eliminate your beard permanently. Here are a few to consider.

How to Remove Your Beard Permanently?

How to Remove Your Beard Permanently?

Natural Methods

Try natural ingredients to remove facial hair first. These include:

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 10 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of water mix. This mix should be applying to your face and left on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The mixture should then be removed with lukewarm water.
  • One teaspoon cornflour, one egg, and two teaspoons sugar. Mix these into a paste that you can apply as a face mask, but easily remove with a peel. Although these natural methods may help to remove your facial hair, they are not guaranteed to do so. Instead, they might just conceal it.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are widely available and are not painful, making it a popular method of removing beards for men. The laser light kills the hair root as it penetrates the hair shaft during a treatment.

This is effective in killing facial hair but does not kill the follicle, which is where hair growth begins, so further treatments might be called for, although they aren’t always necessary, as hair grows back faster when the hair roots have been destroyed.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, and you might need up to 8 treatments before the facial hair is completely gone. But, once it’s gone, it’s nice and long-lasting. Touch-up treatments might be needed every one or two years.

This type of treatment works best on people with light skin and dark hair. People with darker skin tones can have this treatment, but only if the Nd: YAG laser is being used. If you have light complexions or white hair, this treatment will not work.


Various waxing options are available for those who wish to remove facial hair. On the other hand, wax has changed considerably in the past few years. Soy wax, which is a lotion-like substance, will only adhere to your facial hair.

You cover the wax with a specially prepared cloth, allowing a few minutes for it to dry, and then remove the cloth you used and the hair will fall out.

Treatments usually take less than an hour, but unlike the other procedures on our list, they may not last as long. You may have to repeat all of these processes every month.

If you are interested in getting started in this field, there are home-treatment kits such as the European Wax Warming Hair Removal Kits, which are the perfect starter kits for getting started. (source)

Read our detailed article on how to Wax a Beard Off: Is Waxing A Beard A Good Idea?


This device delivers tiny shocks of electric current to the hair follicles (source) that are incapable of regrowing hair. This technique is one of the most effective to permanently remove beards because once the cells are gone, they cannot grow again.

While electrolysis treatments are short, often lasting less than 20 minutes, you’ll have to concentrate on small areas at a time, so with weekly treatments, complete the process can last for over a year.

As a result, the treatment can become quite costly, but the benefits are long-lasting, and you hardly ever have to seek treatment again.

Depilatories / Cream Hair Removers

Chemical elements suspended in gels and creams, such as Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream, are also used to remove hair. By applying these chemicals, the root of the hair is killed and falls out.

Applying this product usually takes up to an hour and others may need only five minutes. While some may not seem harsh on the skin, some may find it very harsh on it. If you have sensitive skin, you should always avoid using depilatories and cream hair removers.

Treatments can have a shorter or longer-lasting effect. Some treatments are only effective for a week, while others require repeated applications after several weeks.


If you’re wondering, “How can I get rid of my beard forever?” then we hope that we have helped you understand that there are various options available to you. The two most popular ways to remove facial hair permanently are electrolysis and laser treatment.

Despite the fact that electrolysis has a longer-lasting impact on your facial hair, personally, I prefer laser treatment. It relieves pain, reduces time and the cost of facial hair removal as well.