The Benefits Of Having A Beard – 15 Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard

It has been a fashion statement for men to groom facial hair for centuries and that’s why it has become such a big thing these days. Men of all ages will always wear a well-groomed beard no matter where they go because it adds such an outstanding appearance to their male appearance.

Nowadays, men in all forms of beards are increasingly popular. Several guys go for defined short hairstyles, while others are trying to achieve their pinnacle of manhood, and love to maintain their thickest and densest growth on their heads. Keeping this purpose in mind, they do everything in their power to maintain their beard and make use of natural beard care products that encourage the growth of their mane.

So, as a result, they gain a healthy beard with the perfect shape. Considering the persistent bigotry which persists concerning the beard, the bearded are well aware that this beard does not look its best if it isn’t properly maintained. In fact, a beard has numerous health advantages that they often don’t recognize.

A man’s beard enhances his face much like makeup does for women, and women much prefer men with beards. There is a tendency to get distracted from the health benefits of growing a beard, especially when so many people are focused on how good men look with one.

Beards provide many benefits, which you may not even know. Obviously, it looks cool, attracting women’s attention, as well as adding confidence to male looks.

The Benefits Of Having A Beard - 15 Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard

The Benefits Of Having A Beard – 15 Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard

In addition to the obvious health benefits, there are also some others you probably did not even know about. Check out beard benefits :

1. Skin Cancer Can Be Protected if You Have a Beard

The best way to fight cancer is to prevent it, and growing a beard is one great way to protect yourself. Research has found that well-groomed beards can block up to 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is because people exposed to more sun have a higher risk of skin cancer. Since your hair prevents the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin, it will have almost no effect on you.

This knowledge, coupled with the beauty it brings, can give you more confidence in wearing a beard. Your well-shaven beard keeps you protected against deadly diseases that have killed so many people already.

2. Beards Can Protect Your Skin From Sun Damages

UV rays emitted from the sun are also affecting us in this way. There are more dangers than skin cancer that may be prevented by a beard. Sun exposure can also result in other skin diseases, such as tanning.

Spending such a long time in direct sunlight can lead to skin wrinkles, which then develop the sags we see on our faces. Think of how you look with facial sags as fine as yours. Not only that, but without facial hair to protect you from the sun, ugly facial spots could also appear. Hence, it is crucial to growing your beard with this essential fact in mind.

3. Having a beard makes you look older

Even if you have a reputation for being one of those “babyfaces,” someone named that will be hated by the vast majority of men with such a reputation.

On average, a well-groomed beard can make a man appear 3-5 years older than they really are.

Every bearded man knows this, as shaving after it has sprouted a beard for months causes you to appear like an immature child again, making you regret the decision.

4. Having a beard makes you seem intelligent

Although having a few facial hairs will not make you appear smarter, it will make you look more knowledgeable.

There is no reason to think this is the case, maybe because many of the ancient writers and philosophers wore beards, or because beards make you look younger.

Whatever the case may be, a 2016 study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology shows that women perceive bearded men as being smarter than those without beards.

5. Bacterial Protection for Face and Lungs

Facial hair and mustaches provide extra “buffer zones”. This buffer zone protects you from exposure to allergens and bacteria in the mouth, nose, and respiratory system.

We are all prone to skin problems no matter what our age is, and growing a beard symbolizes one of the few ways to prevent infection by bacterial infections. The most effective way to prevent bacterial infections for men is to shave their beards off. However, shaving off one’s beard is not all-encompassing. When you shave, you accidentally make holes in your skin, allowing bacteria to grow back, putting you at risk of developing different skin infections.

Your self-esteem and your facial skin are enhanced by growing your beard. With these shaves, no chances of an infection from the shave cuts exist.

Hence, this may offer some protection against infectious diseases, much more than the nose’s hair alone could.

One additional benefit of beard is that it has anti-acne properties.

Covering the hair, but also allowing the skin to stay open, allowing bacteria to enter. This causes dryness of the facial hair area.

6. Beard Makes you Look More Masculine

Various types of facial hair allow men to express their personalities. Of course, not all men can afford to grow beards—whether for genetic reasons, personal choices, or because it’s just forbidden for them, and that’s fine. Among those who wear beards—large numbers of them claim that they are being panned for it and feel less confident and more attractive as a consequence. Additionally, considering their high self-esteem and self-confidence, many men with beards admit that they are more able to lead a group when wearing beards.

For most men, this is the primary reason why they grow a beard.

A man feels like a man so he wants his body to reflect that as well, and – what better way to express that than to grow a magnificent beard.

Women’s perception of men with beards (and men’s as well) is that they are rugged, confident, and mature.

7. Growing a beard can prevent depression

It is probably hard to believe that your dear beard has anything to do with depression. In fact, there is a lot in common between the two since they share self-confidence. Being well-groomed increases your self-confidence, making you look great, which in turn boosts your self-esteem.

Several men that groom their beards have told us that, in addition to improving their looks, they also feel more comfortable thanks to the compliments they receive from male and female admirers. Having self-confidence goes a long way in improving your mental health and saving you from depression, which is greatly afflicted by low self-esteem.

8. Skin Dryness Can be Protected by Growing a Beard

The market has so many products that treat skin dryness, but none of them compare to the benefits you receive from growing a beard. Keeping your face moist with your beard protected from all the unfriendly environmental winds is much easier compared to spending extra money on lotion.

Beards help protect against skin dryness by acting as natural moisture keepers, they keep moisture in and protect from all impacts of skin dryness.

9. Skin Allergies Can Be Prevented by Growing a Beard

Your beard provides you with outside protection from the biting effects of the wind. You can be protected from pollen allergies by growing a beard if you are one of those men who have them because it will stop air from touching your skin.

Controlling your facial temperature has health benefits in addition to acting as a filter. By wearing a beard, you keep your skin warm without experiencing allergies from your skin. It is the health benefit alone of growing a beard that should accelerate your decision if you’re one of those men still considering it. You want your skin allergies eliminated, don’t you?

10. Study proves that women prefer bearded men

Several men were recently asked about their beards through a Braun trial in New York.

Most of the men interviewed said they find their facial hair more attractive, and 55% said that they have frequently received compliments about their facial hair. Four in ten consumers responded that they are more confident when they have some strands on their face.

11. Your Sex Life Will Be Improved by Growing a Beard

Many people believe that sex is a healthy aspect of life, so to answer those wondering if it is a health advantage, it is. When you have poor sexuality, you already know how it feels physically and mentally. The good news is that the growth of a beard can make it better for everyone.

You might be wondering how beard growth correlates with good sex life. Let me tell you. With a beard, your chances of finding a female partner are increased because you’re sexier. In addition, since your confidence is increased, which is closely connected with your sexual abilities, you’re more likely to perform better.

12. Growing a Beard Will Protect You from Facial Blemishes

As your beard grows, it means you should not be using the shaving stick, which will result in fewer cuts and, consequently, fewer blemishes. You already saw some benefits of not shaving your beard when I mentioned the risk of bacterial infections earlier, but this point emphasizes that your skin’s distance from the blades is important for more reasons than just fighting bacteria.

Avoiding ingrown hairs, shave bumps, blade cuts, and scars from the healed blade cuts, by not shaving your beard, is a sure-fire way to avoid ingrown hairs, shave bumps, and blade cuts, damages due to burns that could be caused by harsh products used to clear shave bumps, as well as all kinds of other blemishes that could ruin your handsome face. It is much easier to live when you have a beard.

13. More time is available to you

The average shaving fan spends anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes shave daily. You can spend less time staring into the bathroom mirror when you grow a heavy beard. Taking a moment or two to apply beard oil and comb out your mane will do the trick in no time.

It is the same for those who like to have a short beard (stubble) by using beard trimmers. Getting your beard trimmed after one to two weeks of growth is all you need. Imagine all the wonderful things you two can do, while other men are waiting in the mirror while they shave the hairs on their heads.

This may sound like a weird beard benefit but bear with me. You’re wasting your time constantly shaving your face!

It is estimated that on average, a man spends over 5 months of their life shaving. The exact number of days is 139.

Just imagine what you could accomplish in that time. A new business venture, starting a hobby, spending time with your family. A great beard would allow you to accomplish all of this while looking like an absolute bad-ass.

14. Having a beard can help slow down aging.

You can stay sexy forever if you take care of your beard, so start seeing a barber as soon as possible if you want to look young and hot. Scientists believe that facial hair is a barrier to retaining moisture since it covers the oil-producing glands that you normally see on your face.

Taking a look at the health benefits we have discussed above, you will notice that they all aim to promote health and youthfulness.

15. Beards are a sign of authority and trust

In general, studies indicate that facial hair makes men more trustworthy and reliable.

The following characteristics are commonly reported in reviews regarding bearded men:

  • Authority
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Maturity & Experience
  • Expertise

“Facial hair, or beardedness, is a powerful socio signal, and an obvious biological marker of maturity”. – Dr. Nick Neave

Final Thoughts

The 15 crazy benefits of growing a beard are all over. I hope you enjoyed the article and learned something new from it.

Growing a beard protects your face from the elements. Because a beard is heavier, it stops air from passing through your nose, which is why you can hardly swallow bad air when you have a beard.

The beard was designed by nature to guard you against inhaling particles that cause throat infections, just like the hair in your nostrils protects you from inhaling harmful substances.